D’autres politiques économiques sont possibles


The appalled economists is a group of university researchers, professors and experts in economics who created an association with other non- economist citizens on February 22nd 2011.

Their aim is to impulse collective thinking and public expression of economists who cannot resign themselves to the predominant neoliberal orthodox doctrine. They suggest alternatives to austerity policies advocated and forced upon populations by European governments.

They make their ideas known through publishing books, notes, articles, press releases, as well as through free public meetings they organize themselves or invited by various media: television, radio, internet, etc..

This movement was born in October 2010, as four economists: Philippe Askénazy, Thomas Coutrot, André Orléan and Henri Sterdyniak, published the “Manifesto of appalled economists”, which met a great success all over Europe, and even farther in other continents, as it has been signed by more than 7 000 people from all over the world, up to now (January 2013).

In this essay, they made a critical analysis of ten “pseudo obvious facts” which still inspire public decisions in Europe, in spite of the strong refutation brought by the financial crisis and its consequences. Instead, they presented twenty-two counterpropositions, various measures in order to give Europe a chance to become more democratic, and show solidarity between the different member States